WAWSP Progress Report

Over the past year and a half, the Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA) has made great progress on connecting rural areas in northwestern North Dakota to WAWSA water. By mid-2019, the end of the current biennium, WAWSA will complete several improvements at the Williston Regional Water Treatment Plant, the primary source of WAWSA water. The projects include the completion of the final phase of the pretreatment process expansion that began in 2013 and the construction of an enclosure for the entire pretreatment process.


The 2017-2019 State Water Commission budget (HB1020) included more than $120 million split among several water supply projects, including the Western Area Water Supply Project (WAWSP). WAWSA requested $29 million from the budget for the current biennium, receiving $20M. With that funding, WAWSA will construct a new two-million-gallon water tower in 2019 between Arnegard and Watford City which will provide service to the City of Arnegard, along with additional water storage for Watford City and the McKenzie County Water Resource District.


Ninety-six miles of pipeline installed in the McKenzie County Water Resource District delivered service to

farmers and ranchers south of Watford City, as well as several commercial and industrial developments.


    In the R&T Water Supply Commerce Authority’s area, WAWSA brought service to new rural users in the White Earth River Valley, the community of White Earth, as well as a transmission main from the Tioga High Point Reservoir to Stanley.


    Within the Northwest Rural Water District, WAWSA connected to new commercial and rural customers in central Williams County, northwest of Williston. The project serves the new Regional Airport, Williston’s District 8 School, and 30 rural customers.


    To date, WAWSA has constructed more than 1,583 miles of pipeline to deliver water to cities and rural areas in Burke, Divide, McKenzie, Mountrail, and Williams Counties. Currently, about 60,000 people receive drinking water from WAWSA. In addition to rural customers across five northwestern North Dakota counties, residents of Williston, Watford City, Ray, Tioga, Stanley, Wildrose, Crosby, Fortuna, Noonan, Columbus, and Ross receive WAWSA service.