WAWSA Receives $40M in 2019-2021 State Water Commission Budget

North Dakota’s 2019 legislative session turned out successfully for the Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA), with $40 million included in the State Water Commission’s budget for the 2019-2021 biennium. The $40 million will be matched by $15 million in loan funds to provide WAWSA with $55 million in total capital improvements funding.


“We are grateful to legislators, the State Water Commission, and Governor Burgum for the funding we were allocated. Each legislative session, the next two years of progress of this domestic drinking water project is determined by the funding we receive.” says Curtis Wilson, WAWSA Executive Director.


“Northwestern North Dakota has been plagued by poor quality and an insufficient amount of water for far too long. I believe lawmakers from around the state understand the importance of this project and they’ve shown it through their support,” says Mark Owan, WAWSA Chairman.


The following projects will be constructed with the funding appropriated for the 2019-2021 biennium:

R&T Water District - East White Earth Alternates, 52 Users: Continuation of the East White Earth Base project with service to areas north of the City of Ross and south along the Highway 1804 corridor. A possible accelerated design schedule could see construction begin in late 2019 with completion in the summer of 2020.

R&T Water District - West White Earth Alternates, 22 Users: Service will include users to the Little Beaver Bay recreation area and users along Highway 1804 to the County Road 21 intersection. A possible accelerated design schedule could see construction begin in late 2019 with completion next summer.

McKenzie County Water Resource District – System I Expansion Part 2 Alternates, 44 Users: Continuation of the current infrastructure in place along the County Road 34 Loop, southeast of Watford City. Branch lines will extend across U.S. Forest Service lands to service multiple users. Construction is slated for 2020.

Northwest Rural Water District - North 200K Rural Distribution, 40 Users: Service to users north of County Road 6, west of the new Williston truck bypass. The service area also includes connections for new homes along the Highway 2 corridor west of Williston due to the continued growth of the area. Construction is slated for 2020.

Northwest Rural Water District - 29 Mile Rural Distribution, 55 Users: Service to users encompassing the Highway 85 and County Road 9 area, north of Williston up to and including a few users in Divide County. Construction is slated for 2020, with a possible alternate in 2021.

R&T Water District - Service to City of Powers Lake: Six inch mainline with service to rural customers from Ross to the City of Powers Lake. Construction is slated for 2020.

WAWSA/R&T Water District - Service to City of Stanley Phase II: 20-inch transmission main from the Tioga Highpoint Reservoir to the Stanley High Point Reservoir along Highway 2 through the White Earth Valley to supply additional water to residents of Ross, Stanley, and eastern Mountrail County. Construction is slated for 2020.

Stanley Rural Distribution Part 2, 35 Users: Continuation of current infrastructure along County Road 8, south of Stanley to Spanish Bay which is north of New Town. Construction is slated for 2020.

Williston Regional Water Treatment Plant Expansion: Preliminary design phase for expanding the treatment capacity from 21MGD to 35MGD. Preliminary design and permit phase for expanding the intake structure capacity from 24MGD to 50MGD. Construction dates for the plant and intake expansions are yet to be determined.

Since 2011, WAWSA has constructed more than 1,700 miles of pipeline to deliver water to cities and rural areas in Burke, Divide, McKenzie, Mountrail, and Williams Counties. Currently, about 60,000 people receive drinking water from WAWSA. In addition to rural customers across five northwestern North Dakota counties, residents of Williston, Watford City, Ray, Tioga, Stanley, Wildrose, Crosby, Fortuna, Noonan, Columbus, and Ross receive WAWSA service.