Land Reclamation Team Prepares for Busy Season


The Western Area Water Supply Authority’s (WAWSA) landowner relations and reclamation staff are preparing for busy spring and summer seasons.  “I compile a to-do list during the fall and winter.  As soon as the snow melts, I will start the reclamation process by taking a few drives with the engineers to add to my list.  As far as actually turning dirt, that usually has to wait until the frost is out of the ground and the fields have dried,” explains Chris Barke, WAWSA Landowner Relations/Reclamation Specialist. 

Some landowners are leery about granting access to their land, due to bad experiences with other companies.  However, WAWSA has worked to continuously improve its reclamation process to ensure landowners are satisfied after the pipeline is in the ground.  “I have received very good feedback for the most part after I have completed reclamations. I always tell landowners that if they are not happy with what I have done, they can call me and I will come back out and remedy the situation to the best of my ability. Generally speaking, those instances are few and far between and most are happy with how the job was performed,” says Barke.

Over the years, WAWSA added a motor grader, skid steers, tractors and several attachments to its equipment, to ensure land is not damaged during pipeline construction. 

Excellent reclamation services are important to the landowner relation/reclamation team.  “By providing quality reclamation services, WAWSA can help build trust and a better relationship with the landowners.  All of us are from this area too.  We want the community to be happy with the work we do,” says Barke.