Tobacco Gardens Resort Owner Excited for WAWSA Water

Peggy Hellandsaas understands the true and full value of water. As owner and operator of one of the busiest resorts on Lake Sakakawea, she can put dollars and cents to having good water.

Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA) infrastructure reached Tobacco Gardens in late 2018 and the resort is expected to be fully hooked up to the new rural water source sometime in 2019.

 In the summer, Tobacco Gardens is open six days per week. “We currently run on well water which we soften and treat for iron. Every two days from April to October we put 40 pounds of salt in our softener.” With the price per bag of salt being up to $7, this alone adds a significant cost to her seasonal operation. 

 “We are looking forward to having rural water in our restaurant,” she said. “Today, we have good, but hard, well water. We spend an enormous amount of time cleaning fixtures to avoid further damage from hard water. Over time, the hard water can eat away at the equipment including necessary items in a restaurant such as dish sanitizing systems.” 

 High quality rural water from WAWSA will not only save her money and time but add a sense of security for her business.

 Peggy also owned a home in the area and relied on well water that was good for drinking but hard on fixtures. In fact, the water eventually “ate away” the dishwasher. Instead of spending money on a replacement that may not last, she resorted to washing dishes by hand.

“Many rural residents rely on well water,” she said. “Most of the time it is good, but the quality can change over time. With rural water, we know what we will have well into the future.”